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Please click on this to purchase your Rad bike.

Thank you for stopping by to rent or talk about eBikes. We hope during your visit we provided excellent service and information. If you are looking to buy a Rad bike, please use this link to make your purchase.

Rad offers us this link to share with you. By purchasing through our link, Rad compensates us for our services.

Notice: We do not work for RAD Power Bikes and can’t sell New RAD bikes. Only RAD sells their bikes new.

If you would rather rent one, click the link below to go to the rental page.

At the end of our season we will be selling some of our well maintained RAD power bikes. To stay in touch, please visit us on Facebook and follow our page. Call or send an email to get on the preferred list. 651-219-0422 or info@mypoho.com.

The link below is the same as clicking on the link above. I put it here so you can see where it takes you incase you are concerned about phishing attempts.

Click the text below or copy the link to a browser. This will take you to the RadPower bikes website where you can purchase your new Rad bike through our affiliation. Thanks for your support.