RAD Power Bikes Test Rides

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Disclaimer: We want to be clear on our operation. We are an independent fleet not hired or paid by RAD Power Bikes. We are not allowed to sell Rad bikes new from our shop. To our knowledge, no rental fleet from RAD’s website can sell you a new RAD bike. We do offer an affiliate link from our site which includes a discount. Buy through our site, ship to us and save on assembly costs too!

We do sell our fleet of RAD bikes at the end of our season. Contact us if you wish to be on the list. They usually sell very fast.

We have 5 models of Rad Power Bikes

Rad Rover 6 Plus Step-Thru
Rad Rover 6 Plus High-Step
Rad City 3 Step-Thru
Rad Runner Plus
Rad Expand – Foldable

If you wish to “test ride” a RAD, we are here to help. We have a good variety of Rad bikes and happy to share our knowledge. Our goal for your visit is to make sure you have the knowledge/experience to make the right choice for your eBike purchase.


Test ride rentals are $25 for 25 minutes of ride time plus time for advice and information. You get 25 minutes of test ride time on any of the Rad bikes on a 1.6 mile ride loop plus some time with our knowledgeable crew. If available, you can easily test out 2-3 bikes in your 25 minutes. We want to make sure we have your bike available to test. Click here to book a test ride.

If you are only wanting to look at the bikes and not ride, you are welcome to please stop by to see them. You are not allowed to sit on the bikes or take them out of the garage. To provide the best service, we recommend booking a test ride. Test rides typically take us longer than regular rentals because of the extra time sharing information and bike changes. We are not sellers of these bikes and are only paid for rental time not time answering questions. Thank you for understanding.

For full rental time of 1 hour or more, click here and you can book a Rad Power bike for more time if you wish.

NEED INORMATION? If you have questions and wish to speak with someone about the Rad bikes along with your test ride, please book your time on line for Sat & Sun only between 1:00 – 6:00 pm. This is when we have more staff and can accommodate the extra time it takes to provide the best service.


NO QUESTIONS? ONLY TEST RIDE? If you wish to just test ride the bikes and do not need information about the bikes, call for an appointment any time during normal hours. We are open from 9am-6pm and close on Tuesdays & Wednesdays.
(Summer time may have extended hours, please call to confirm. 651-219-0422)

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